How To Guide - Starting Yoga At 50
by Christene | 1:44 pm

How To Buy A Yoga Mat – Your Questions Answered

One of the most frequently asked questions by people looking to start practicing yoga is, “What is the best yoga mat for beginners?” Looking back when I purchased my own yoga mat, I really

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How to guide - starting yoga at 50
by Christene | 4:43 pm

How To Guide – Starting Yoga At 50

So you are Over 50 and you have learnt that yoga is great for any age, fitness level and ability.  Surprised you start to think, well why don’t I try yoga!  Now what?  Where

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retirement planning ideas
by Christene | 1:29 pm

Retirement Planning Ideas

Retirement, the event that each and every person works towards during their working life.  We often dream about the things we are going to do when we retire.  Those dreamy holidays, sleep-ins and doing

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yoga for the over 50's
by Christene | 5:34 pm

Yoga For The Over 50’s

As we get older, some exercises can be more detrimental than beneficial to our bodies even if you are in peak physical condition.  As we age dehydration occurs more rapidly, muscle formation changes, joints

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